My Paleo Journey

I’ve been Paleo for over four years now (crazy!) and I can honestly say that it has truly changed my life. That sounds super dramatic lol but before going paleo I ate anything and was constantly in stomach pain, constantly sluggish, had on and off acne, and was just overall unhealthy.

About four years ago I decided enough was enough and I needed to make a lifestyle change for myself. I decided to take control of my health when I started researching more and realizing that I might be allergic or have an intolerance to gluten (I would constantly be sick to my stomach or hurled over in pain after meals). I had heard about the Whole30 program and although it sounded extreme I decided to give it a try. Not only did I successfully finish the round, I felt better than I ever have. From there, after doing the phase where you slowly introduce items you had cut out… I quickly realized that I DID have a gluten intolerance AND also that I couldn’t tolerate dairy either (I literally broke out in hives when I had it again).

From then on I choose to continue with the paleo lifestyle. In reality I’m about 90% paleo, I like to enjoy some hummus, oatmeal or chickpea pasta every now and then and also I take into consideration items that are out of my control (like at restaurants and parties). 

Overall my health has been so much better and I have noticed drastic changes within my body, mood, health and skin. A side factor is, although I haven’t been fully diagnosed my Doctor and I do believe I have endometriosis (the only way to officially diagnosis it is through a laparoscopy surgery…I could do a whole separate post on that with all the research I have done/been doing if yall are interested in that) but a symptom of that can also be a gluten and dairy intolerance. Coincidence? Maybe. But I have noticed a slight improvement in my cycles ever since cutting both of those out of my diet so anything helps right?

Now that I have been paleo for over four years it’s super easy for me to follow. I already know what I can and shouldn’t eat. Plus since these types of lifestyles have become so popular there are SO many great companies and products out there that cater to paleo diets.

Check out some of my Paleo Pantry Staples to see some of the items I always have on hand. I plan on doing a Fridge/Freezer version too soon!

Paleo for me has had more benefits than I originally thought and is just my preferred diet for the foreseeable future. That being said I am not crazy in the sense that I won’t go to a restaurant or that when I do I have to sneak my own food in! We honestly don’t really eat out that much and when we do I do the best that I can with what my options are (as long as it’s gluten and dairy free so I don’t get sick I am pretty flexible). 

As for parties or when we go to a friend or families house I usually bring a side dish, snack or dessert to share so that I know that I have at least one option of something to eat! 

Another thing that I also wanted to mention is that part of why I love being paleo is because it has really opened my eyes to a clean eating lifestyle and has pushed me to try new things and recipes that I wouldn’t have before. I used to crave things like pizza and subway and now I crave things like sweet potatoes or bananas with almond butter! Once your body gets rid of all the processed foods it changes what it craves and fuels off of. 

My health and wellness journey continues as I am trying to incorporate as much clean living, organic items in my house and lifestyle as possible. I’ll be sharing changes I make along the way as I research and try out different things that work for us!

Any products you think I should try or research let me know!

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