Paleo Pantry Staples from Amazon

I’ve been Paleo for over four years now and I can honestly say that it has truly changed my life. I’m currently working on a separate blog post that goes into detail about why I eat Paleo, how I started, and the differences it has made in my life.

For now, I wanted to share my favorite pantry staples (all from Amazon) to help jump start your journey into healthy paleo eating. I can honestly say I have these products on hand at all times in my pantry!

Lesser than Evil Paleo Puffs- My version of a healthy Cheeto snack! They are delicious and are guilt-free snack.

Siete Chips- These are the ONLY chips I eat. They are grain-free tortilla chips that are so yummy (even my husband likes them and he does not eat Paleo). I always reach for the no salt, sea salt, lime, nacho, or ranch flavors. I always have a few bags on hand to put out with some salsa or dairy-free queso when guests come over!

Simple Mills Crackers- These are so good and are great to have on hand for building a charcuterie board, having a snack, or I like to use them with my chicken salad for lunches.

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips- These are the only chocolate chips I buy and use for baking desserts! They are delicious and dairy-free, I also sometimes add them into my pancake mix for a little treat every now and then.

Franks Hot Sauce (Original)- This is such a great sauce to have on hand. I use it to make my go-to Buffalo Chicken Dip as well as buffalo wing sauce and buffalo cauliflower. This sauce can be used in so many different recipes and can be found at just about every grocery store!

Tessemae’s Cilantro Lime Dressing- I always have a few bottles of this on hand. The obvious reason would be for salad dressing but I actually only use these as a chicken marinade! I’ll share how I do this soon but let me just tell you… it’s so yummy!

Maple Syrup- When eating Paleo you only consume natural forms of sugar , maple syrup is not only great for breakfast foods but it can be used in a lot of different cooking & baking recipes as well!

Honey- Same as Maple syrup I use honey for a lot of different baking & cooking recipes to add sweetness without all the processed sugar. Honey is also great to have on hand for some fun paleo cocktails!

Nutpods- My favorite coffee creamers! They are so delicious and have a variety of flavors to choose from. My favorites are chocolate, cinnamon swirl, peppermint mocha and their new toasted marshmallow!

Date Syrup- This is actually my go-to sweetener because it’s made with just dates. So it is definitely one of the purest forms of natural sugar and doesn’t have that super-rich distinct flavor as maple syrup has. I typically use date syrup in my coffee!

Primal Kitchen Mayo- This mayo is everything (dramatic I know haha) but seriously I use this mayo for so many things. I use it in recipes, by itself as mayo and I make other sauces with it also. I usually buy a couple of them in bulk at Costco to always have on hand!

Coconut Oil- The only cooking oils I use are Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil! They both have high smoke points and are easy to use in recipes. I also use coconut oil in a lot of baking recipes too.

Collagen Peptides- I love adding extra collagen to my smoothies for heath benefits and to add protein as well!

Chicken Broth- Another cooking staple and always good to have on hand for recipes!

Avocado Oil- My favorite cooking oil that I use for everything. Hardly any flavor to it and has a high smoke point.

Sriracha– This one is my favorite sriracha to add into recipes, use on top of foods and make into other sauces. It’s great for Asian style dishes!

Ghee- I use ghee as a healthy fat in cooking and baking recipes, it gives the buttery flavor without the dairy.

Lemon Juice- Another go-to staple is lemon juice (which is kind of a random one) but I actually use it for so many different things! I use it a lot to make different sauces and also in cooking recipes.

Marinara Sauce- Who doesn’t love a good marinara sauce? I always have a few jars on hand for quick meals.

Cashews- I use cashews mainly to make different versions of dairy-free cream or cheese sauces. I have a few go-to dairy-free queso recipes I like to make as well as a dairy-free alfredo sauce!

Almonds- I make my own homemade almond milk so having almonds on hand is a must!

Coconut Flour- Another baking staple that I use for most baked goods that I make!

Almond Flour- I use almond flour mostly for baking and also for some cooking recipes. I love to make a grain-free chicken nugget recipe in the air fryer using almond flour.

Dates- I use dates in both smoothies and also in my homemade almond milk.

Birch Benders Paleo Pancake Mix- Always have a bag of this on hand to make pancakes with on the weekends! It’s also great for a quick easy meal if you like breakfast for dinner like me.

Tapioca Flour- I switch between Tapioca Flour and Arrowroot as thickeners for my cooking and baking recipes. So I always have one or both on hand! Both are a healthier grain-free cornstarch option.

Arrowroot- I always switch between Tapioca Flour and Arrowroot as thickeners for my cooking and baking recipes. So I always have one or both on hand! Both are a healthier grain-free cornstarch option.

*Forgot to add: Coconut Sugar- I forgot to include this when making my graphics but I also always have coconut sugar on hand for baking and cooking recipes. We also love using it as a rub with a mix of spices on top of pork ribs and pork loins!

This is a little peek of some of my paleo pantry staples and I can’t wait to share how I use some of these items with you all soon!

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