City of Palm Valley Texas Logo Design by Ashlynn Eliff

Different Ways to use your Logo and help build brand awareness

You’ve got your logo… now what? Aside from the basics like your website, business cards, stationery and social media profiles there are many other fun and creative ways to build your brand awareness with your logo.

I’m sharing my top 5 favorite things to add your logo to that are memorable and easy to hand out to clients or potential clients to build your brand awareness.

No. 1: Coffee Mugs
Who doesn’t love a good coffee mug and an even better point who doesn’t USE a coffee mug? Having some branded coffee mugs at your business to use and let customers use is a great way to make your branding consistent and even better when you get some extras to let customers take home with them! Not only will they think of your company when using it but if they take it to their office other people will see your logo too.

City of Palm Valley Texas Logo Design by Ashlynn Eliff

No. 2: Pens
Everyone uses pens and pens are SO inexpensive to get with your logo on it and buy in bulk! These are perfect to hand out to your customers or potential customers at trades shows, business events, or send as part of a welcome kit.

No. 3: Hats
This is a more expensive option but if you buy in bulk it ends up being cheaper and it is a great item to hand out at events or give to customers! My husband’s family owns dealerships and they love giving out hats to customers and customers truly love and wear them out and about. It’s great because they get something new to wear and great for you because they are promoting your business!

No. 4: Water Bottle Labels
If you have clients in and out of your office often it’s always nice to offer them some water so why not have custom branded water bottle labels with your logo on them! It’s an inexpensive way to add a little extra branding, plus customers usually take their water bottles with them to finish them off so, once again promoting if they take it anywhere else!

No 5. Koozies (Can Coolers)
Koozies are another fun way to get your brand out there because this is something that has a long shelf-life. Like pens, coffee mugs & hats these items aren’t going to buy something people toss in the trash. They will use them and promote your business at the same time.

You can put your logo on pretty much anything and there a thousand different items that can be beneficial to build your brand awareness. The bottom line is it’s important to invest in some of these items to hand out to customers and potential customers because 1. people love free stuff so it gets them excited to learn about your business and 2. it’s adding to your brand awareness and helping spread the word about your company and the services you offer!

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