Why your Business needs a Website

Do I really need a website for my business? A question a lot of new business owners ask themselves when starting their new venture. The short answer YES!

A website is your space on the internet to really show off your services, portfolio, and get all of your main points to a potential customer. I want to share a couple of reasons why a website is so important to your business.

  1. A website gives you credibility.
    What do most people do when they hear about a business? They Google it and look for a website. Having a website shows that you are professional & credible. Some fun facts: 30% of consumers won’t consider a business that does not have a website. 46% of customers say a website is the biggest factor of whether they trust a company. (These stats are from 2017 so I would say it’s safe to assume that these percentages are even higher in 2020.)

  2. SEO
    Another important part of having a website is being able to add SEO to all of your pages. This increases your visibility on Google searches. Also, I know what you are thinking how can my local coffee shop be seen with a Starbucks on every corner?! Guess what? It CAN! With the right SEO and a simple marketing strategy, your small business can show up just as quickly and visible as the Starbucks in your area on Google!

  3. Speaking to your ideal customer
    You want to be able to connect with potential customers and get your business in front of them. Social Media is a great tool and yes it’s free, but in order to really get your business out there, you want a space online that has all of your info and what you offer. You don’t want your potential customers to have to sift through social media posts trying to figure out what you do or how much things cost or even something simple like what are your business hours? You want to be able to direct them to a website that has all the basic information they need so they are confident in booking your services or buying your products.

Websites are an investment but they are worth every penny. It’s your virtual storefront where you can reach your ideal customers and start converting those into sales!

Your website does not need to have thousands of pages of content. Depending on your business and the services you offer the more simple the better. Sometimes all you need is a Home Page, About Me, Services and Contact page.

Are you ready to take your business seriously and set up your website? Whatever your business needs we can create a custom website to start converting those online visitors into customers!

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