How to utilize a blog and why you should consider one for your website.

When most people think of a blog they think they have to spend hours writing out blog posts, linking things, etc. and don’t want to mess with that. That is understandable but there are a lot of different ways to actually utilize a blog on your website that doesn’t involve that much time and can be beneficial!

One of the perks of a blog is it adds to your SEO. The more often you post and utilize keywords it can boost your website on search engines. It adds fresh content so that your site stays on top!

Now of course you don’t need a blog and not every business needs one it really depends on your services and what your goals are for your business.

Different ways to utilize a blog for different businesses are:

  1. Photographers- Blog about a recent photoshoot, tips & tricks for ordering prints or even outfit & color options for photoshoots.
  2. Lawyers – Free Legal Advice, Published Journals, Links to recent news stories for high profile cases.
  3. Designers- Behind the Scenes, Tips & tricks for using your design files, Recent Client Launches, Branding Insight.
  4. Retail Stores- Behind the Scenes, New Product Launches, Ways to style an outfit, Holiday Gift Guides.
  5. Doctors Office- Free Medical Advice, Staying current with healthcare issues and home remedies, Importance of yearly check-ups, Nutrition Advice, Ways you can stay healthy at home.
  6. Fitness Instructors- Mini At Home workouts, Nutrition Advice, How to stay active on vacation.
  7. Interior Designers- Recent Client Work, Tips, and Tricks for DIY Decor, Home Decor Guides with links to purchase.
  8. Party & Wedding planners- Recent event re-caps, Theme Ideas, Mood Boards, Behind the Scenes, Vendor Spotlights.

These are just some ideas off the top of my head but the possibilities are endless when it comes to blogging! It’s a great way to stay current and really attract your ideal customer and it’s also a chance to showcase even more of you work without clogging up your services & portfolio page!

I love blogs because it also gives a great behind the scenes look so potential customers can connect with you and really get to know you before booking you!

Have you ever thought about adding a blog to your website?

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