8 Marketing Ideas to implement for 2020 Holiday Shopping

2020 has been quite the year… but there is one thing that hasn’t changed for business owners and that is holiday shopping!

It’s already October and now is the time to get your marketing plan in order. This year has been anything but normal but people are shopping online more than ever. Actually… according to this study, Due to COVID-19 this year, 75% of shoppers are expected to do their holiday shopping online. Now more than ever should be a big sign that you need a website for your business and you need to up your digital marketing strategy!

I put together a couple of different marketing ideas that you can implement in your holiday planning this year.

No. 1: Digital/Printed Gift Guides- These are such a great tool to send out via email, post on your blog & social media, or print and mail to customers. This gives people a visual idea for gifts with prices and how to order. You can send out different ones weekly for different people they are shopping for. For example “Gifts under $100 for your Mother-in-Law”

Cita’s Boutique Gift Guide by Ashlynn Elliff

No. 2: Social Media Campaign (Countdown to Christmas)- this is a great way to showcase special items for the holidays and a fun way to get people excited for Christmas! You could even tie in some fun discounts, freebies, or special promotions you want to offer. For example, you could do a “12 days of Christmas countdown” for last-minute stocking stuffers.

No. 3: Incentives- Free Gift Wrapping, Free Shipping, Free Local Delivery, Curbside Pick-up. Let’s face it, people love free stuff and while sometimes it can be a little extra work it’s all about the customer service. I guarantee 9 times out 10 that you will get the sale if you have some sort of incentive like free shipping. Especially right now with COVID-19, less people are wanting to go inside stores so giving them some extra options will go along way!

No. 4: Facebook Group for your customers- this could be a great way to host some fun virtual shopping parties or trunk shows! Do some Facebook live videos within the group showcasing new products or great gift ideas with easy ways for them to order. Make it a fun night “in” where they can shop from their PJs on the couch!

No. 5: Instagram Stories or Videos- Take “window shopping” to a virtual level. Do some custom videos (stories or reels on Instagram) and walk your customers around your store and/or showcase your products! 

No. 6: Offer personalized Virtual Shopping Appointments- Set up virtual free appointments via zoom or FaceTime so you can be your a personal virtual shopper! Send out a questionnaire a couple days before their appointment to see who they are shopping for (gender, ages, relationship, price points) and pull together ideas you think they will love. Walk them through each item on the video call and take payment over the phone or send them an invoice to purchase their gifts!

No. 7: Personalized E-mails: Send out e-mails to your repeat customers with ideas based on previous purchases (easily link to your website for fast purchases). Basically this is a mixture of the digital gift guide and the personalized video shopping appointments. Try and reach out to your good repeat customers with tailored gift items you think they will love. For example, “Hey Sarah, we just got these new earrings in and I think your daughter Taylor would love them! We have a couple in stock so if you are interested we are offering free gift wrapping and curbside pick-up! Let me know if you want me to wrap these up for you.”

No. 8: Link your online store to your social media platforms- This makes your social media channels like Instagram & Facebook shoppable. Side note: this one only works if you have an online store but it’s a great tool to implement in your social media posts. You can directly link your products for easy click & purchase! 

While I know that most of these examples are geared towards businesses that sell products you can easily integrate some of these ideas into just about any business.

It’s time to sit down and get creative with your marketing to get ready for the Holiday shoppers!

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