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Why you should support your local businesses and ways to support them for FREE

It’s the holiday season and while I know how easy it is to order on Amazon, Target, or Walmart with a few clicks of the buttons on our phones, I want to to express the importance of shopping local and supporting your small business owners.

The main reason to support local businesses is that your purchase directly impacts people’s lives. Local businesses are the ones that give back to your community, sponsor your child’s soccer team at school, help & donate to local charities. Supporting local businesses benefits the community you live in.

Local businesses also employ local people. They employ your parents, your friends, your neighbors, and help support their families.

This year I have been personally trying to get as much as I can at my local stores for everyone on my list!

While obviously shopping at local businesses is key, there are other ways to support them that doesn’t cost you a penny.

Ways to support local businesses for FREE.

  1. Word of Mouth- Share your favorite local businesses with your friends and family and encourage them to check it out.

  2. Like their Social Media posts- It takes a second to double-tap on a photo or hit the “Like” button keep scrolling.

  3. Comment- Engagement is key for social media marketing. When people comment on posts it helps increase your visibility on social media platforms. Doesn’t even have to be a long comment a simple “Love it!” or even an emoji would help!

  4. Tag your friends- Tag your friends in the comments to get them to follow your favorite local businesses! This increases traffic and followers plus they get gain a few new customers.

  5. Share their posts- Share their social media posts, invite your friends to an event they are having, share a photo of a product or service to one of your friends and say “this made me think of you!”

  6. Save posts on Instagram- This acts as a “super like” and helps with engagement! Plus it’s a win-win if it’s something you want to easily access and reference back to quickly in the future (for example I save lots of home decor posts, outfit inspiration, products that are great for gifts).

    There are so many ways to help support your local businesses and they will be SO appreciative of the tiniest bit of support. Remember the CEO of Amazon won’t notice your purchase, but your best friend’s cousin will if you shop from her store.

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