Showit vs. Wix (which is the clear winner)

Showit vs. Wix

There are so many different website builders out on the market right now and it can be challenging and confusing knowing which one to pick and what will work best for your business. While all of them have some similarities, their differences are so important and what eventually will make or break the deal when picking one!

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There are so many different website builders out on the market right now and it can be challenging and confusing knowing which one to pick and what will work best for your business. While all of them have some similarities, their differences are so important and what eventually will make or break the deal when picking one!

Showit vs. Wix

If you have currently narrowed it down to Showit vs. Wix, then you have come to the right spot! As someone who has used both, I want to walk you through some of the similarities and differences and will give you my honest opinion between the two for each item.

Let’s talk about the few similarities first:

#1 Showit and Wix are both website builders.
Let’s start with the obvious, both platforms host your website and offer the same ease of creating your interface. Which is a huge plus on both ends because it’s so much easier building a website and hosting it all in the same account! Who wants to have to send payments to different places for one thing?! Plus, it’s easier to get support help if/when you have any issues.

#2 Showit and Wix are both affordable.
Both Showit and Wix are very affordable as far as their monthly hosting fees go. They are pretty similar in price when you compare the different levels. Wix does have a couple cheaper plans and options compared to Showit but both are reasonable.

#3 Showit and Wix both have a separate design space for your mobile site.
This one is huge for me because a lot of website builders will just convert your website to mobile friendly but whatever you change reflects both with limited options of editing your mobile site. Having the desktop & mobile designs separate allows you to customize both the way you want.

For example, I have certain pages on my website that has a lot of information and don’t necessarily need that much info on the mobile version, so I shorten it for mobile users. I also have certain pages that I only use for mobile users and not desktop! The possibilities are endless when you have both spaces to work with.

#4 Showit and Wix both have a lot of templates to choose from and start with.
Both platforms have a ton of templates or have companies that sell templates for both. This is a great way to get started with a website when you don’t want to commit or can’t afford a custom website at this time in your business!

Now let’s talk about the differences…

#1 SEO
This might be one of the most important differences between the two! Wix does let you add SEO by answering some questions and adding keywords to your blog posts and they say that they add it in for you. However, their SEO is not as advanced as Showit’s and you will struggle a bit getting seen on Google. While it’s not impossible to get found on google using Wix, it’s just more challenging and time consuming.

Showit offers such a unique and detailed way of adding SEO to your site on EVERY page. Also, the blog area of showit is hosted on WordPress which allows you to add SEO to every blog post and image but also you can add in plug-ins like Yoast SEO or other popular ones to try and maximize your SEO efforts in every post.


#2 Showit is Easier to edit & use
As I stated above, as someone who has used both platforms before I can honestly say that Showit is SO much easier than Wix. Both have similar styles of editing as far as the “drag and drop” features but there is so much more creative freedom on Showit then on Wix.

I have already switched over TWO different clients from Wix to Showit and both say that it’s so much easier to edit on their own.


#3 Customer Support
Showit customer support is AMAZING! They have so many posts of information, step-by-step instructions and they have a live chat where you can message them whenever and they are always so quick and helpful. You get to chat with a real person in real time and they help you with your issues. They also have emergency support which has an even faster response time. Wix has customer support as well however they aren’t as available or effective in my experience.


#4 Blogging
I touched on this in the SEO portion but blogging on both platforms is SO different. With Wix you blog within the platform which is very limiting (again in my opinion) because you don’t have a full capacity to play with the layout and how you want it to look. Plus, the SEO on it is limiting with just using keywords.

Showit’s blog is on WordPress, which creates flexibility and design freedom but also boosts your SEO. You can add WordPress plugins, SEO on photos and more. I personally also like that you have a separate login just for your blog posts on WordPress so you don’t have to go through your website just to add in a couple blog posts.


#5 E-Commerce
Wix has an e-commerce built in and Showit does not. This has its pros and cons on both sides.

With Wix the pro to that is having everything in once place. The cons is that you are limited on the design of your store as well as the process of it all. In my opinion, as someone who as an online store, I am not that impressed with the functionality of the Wix e-commerce backend.

While Showit doesn’t have e-commerce built-in, you can easily integrate a lot of different platforms (such as shopify, thrivecart, kajabi, etc) with your website. So, you can add products or entire pages of products to your website. I personally like Shopify because it has an extensive backend that makes inventory, shipping etc. organized and easy!


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#6 The cost difference
While they are similar, Wix is less or the same prices as Showit (depending on what tier you get). So Wix wins on the monthly price, which is why a lot of people use it or start with Wix when starting their business. I will say that Showit is 100% worth the price jump to have the creative freedom that Wix doesn’t.


Overall, clearly my winner is Showit (if you couldn’t tell ?)! I have tried just about all the platforms out there… Wix, Squarespace, WordPress and now Showit and Showit wins every day in my book over all the others!

If you want to chat more about how I can help you with your Showit website or transferring your Wix website over to Showit, click the button below and let’s get started!